We’ve all had to sit through wedding videos that are long, dull and boring. The talkBox captures your wedding day by prompting your guests with questions you’ve designed! We then edit together a video montage of your story as told (and acted out) by the ones who know you best.

So how does it work?

1)       Pick up a customized truth or dare card
2)       Respond to the card inside the talkBox
3)       A) We provide you with a 4-5 min video montage of the most memorable (not too hot for TV) responses                        
B) We’ll also provide you with private access to the unedited raw footage aka your blackmail for the next few years :)
4)       Watch, share, laugh (at your friends)!

It’s not at all your typical videography session. This is an intimate, crazyyy, and uniquely fun thing to make your night even more memorable.