What is the talkBox?

The talkBox is a video booth that provides guests with prompts in order to avoid a video full of, “The wedding was sooooo beautiful” and “I looooooove you’s”
Instead, we ask the guests to choose either a truth or dare as their prompt, making the talkBox a fun experience to attend and especially watch!

Do we get to pick the truths and the dares?

Yes! We make each set of cards custom for each event. We have a list of tried, tested, and true prompts that will serve as suggestions, but we love customizing questions based on your unique interests, personalities, relationship… etc

What are the specs for the talkBox?

The talkBox is 10×10 feet, but we will need a few extra feet for our light and camera. The best location for the talkBox is inside, near the bar or catering for example (just tell us the venue and we’ll figure it out!). We will make sure the guests find us!

Do you offer regular photo or video services?

Of course! In partnership we work with a few very talented photographers and videographers. Just ask us during our booking and we’ll show you their work, get you to meet them, and of course get you a great bundled price :)

Does talkBox work for events other than weddings?

Definitely! The talkBox will add that much more excitement and fun to your bar/bat mitvah, school graduations, birthdays, retirement parties, corporate events… etc. We have customized prompt cards for every occasion, and of course we’ll tailor it to your unique occasion.